Highly absorbent, excellent wet strength & high air permeability

Baking tray inlays




  • high absorbency and wet strength
  • biodegradable (ISEGA certified)
  • food safe
  • lint-free and tasteless
  • grammage 70 g/m², creped.

Baking tray inlay paper is specially designed for large bakeries with large numbers of branch stores. It is made of creped and high wet strength material which serves as a base for unbaked bread rolls and other bakery products during transport to local bakery stores and their ovens.

Beer glass and cup drip catchers




  • extremely absorbent and good wet strength
  • for cups, glasses, tray inlays and place mats
  • versatile printability
  • special hole-punching possible
  • grammage 50 – 60 g/m²

Our customers include well-known breweries and coffee roasters in Germany and other European countries, as well as numerous catering establishments.

Udder paper ®




  • particularly absorbent
  • high dry and wet strength
  • high absorption resistance
  • high dirt holding capacity
  • 100% formaldehyde-free
  • biodegradable

For manufacturers and distributors of milking hygiene products and/or equipment.

Our offer:


Customisable features, sheet size and packaging.


Our varieties:


  • standard udder paper®
  • pre-moistened udder paper® (features: sunlight-protected and diffusion-proof)
  • dry cleaning udder paper®
  • air-laid udder paper® (especially soft, for wet and dry cleaning)


Coffee filter nonwoven




  • highest purity level
  • optimal water and air permeability
  • heat-sealable
  • high wet strength
  • food safe
  • tasteless

Filters – technical applications




  • highest purity level
  • optimum particle absorption
  • high air permeability
  • high wet strength

Humidifier blocks




  • extremely absorbent and moisture resistant
  • high filtration efficiency
  • reliable absorption of impurities
  • creates optimal indoor air hygiene.

Nonwoven nappy liner




  • extremely absorbent and high wet strength
  • especially soft on baby’s skin
  • toxin-free
  • high level of purity
  • perforated rolls
  • cost-effective and ecological alternative to conventional nappies

Our service:


  • customisable sheet size and packaging

Crepe papers and packaging material


Depending on your needs and the use of the products, we can produce the crepe material in cut-to-size sheets or on rolls. Please contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer.




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