Nonwoven wallpaper

Our nonwoven wallpapers boast unique touch properties, optimum printability and a high degree of versatility.



  • high dimensional stability
  • high volume
  • structured and smooth
  • special feel
  • strippable
  • 60 – 160 g/m²

Our nonwoven wallpapers feature excellent wet expansion and therefore have high dimensional stability. By using various pulps and fibres, we can create different surface structures, suitable for all printing systems and a variety of applications.

® WA Wallvision Sweden AB, Borosan EasyUp

Nonwoven wall lining

Nonwoven wall lining has become increasingly popular in recent years – for both private and commercial properties. The ease with which it can be hung and painted over has made nonwoven wall lining virtually indispensable on large construction sites.



  • very good wet expansion and thus high dimensional stability
  • no seam formation
  • paintable
  • can be wallpapered over
  • high volume
  • 120 to 150 g/m²

Once again: our nonwoven materials boast high dimensional stability, thus eliminating annoying seams between the strips. Their high volume ensures that any cracks or unevenness on the wall surface are balanced out.

Digital print wallpaper

Digital print wallpapers have become highly popular with architects and end customers over the past few years. The ease with which customers can decorate walls with their desired image – variable in width and height – has led to growing demand for digital print wallpaper. In the commercial sector, seamless wallpaper opens up previously undreamt-of possibilities for interior design. One picture – one wall – no seams. Making every room unique.



  • structured and smooth
  • suitable for all common digital printing machines
  • suitable for latex, UV and H2O
  • strippable
  • individually printable
  • available as seamless wallpaper in 2,25 m
  • 130 – 160 g/m²
Seamless Wallpaper © Cathleen Leu | 53°nordost kommunikationsdesign

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