Reasearch & Development

Our expertise and experience

We develop target-oriented and customer-specific speciality papers and nonwovens for the global market using inclined wire technology for single- and double-layer production. Our resource-conscious product development activities focus on continuous optimisation, as well as the individual and efficient processing of customer enquiries. We deploy our extensive expertise and technological experience in order to achieve your goals and requirements for the specific properties of our specialist papers and nonwovens.

We use:


  • environmental fibres from recognised sources (FSC ®)
  • synthetic fibres (e.g. bico, PE, PET, PP fibres…)
  • regenerative fibres (e.g. Lyocell, viscose…)
  • special fibre materials (e.g. basalt, carbon, glass fibres…)


Binders, pigments and functional additives are used to achieve the corresponding special properties of specialist papers and nonwovens. This results in a multitude of industrial applications.



  • permeable – impermeable
  • voluminous
  • high strength and stability
  • uniform structures
  • dimensionally stable
  • durable and sturdy
  • resistant to ageing
  • hydrophilic – hydrophobic
  • printable
  • fire retardant
  • food-safe
  • harmless
  • eco-friendly

Possible applications:


  • nonwoven wallpapers
  • acoustic nonwoven
  • automotive nonwoven
  • regenerative nonwovens
  • food industry
  • digital printing
  • tapes
  • filtration

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