Our conviction

We are firmly convinced that sustainability is the key to our future – for our business, but also for our society and for our environment. Therefore, an integral part of our business purpose is the promotion of a sustainable development.


What is important to us is to offer products that apply a high standard both with respect to quality and to sustainability. Thus, we are continuing to develop our specialty papers and nonwovens. The aim we have is to develop products that fulfil the requirements of the highest standards of sustainability.
At the same time we are trying to reduce our own ecological footprint and also that of our suppliers step by step. For in the production of paper enormous quantities of water, energy and CO2 emission arise. During the past years we have already had considerable progress in that field. We will continue to follow that avenue.


Above that, we are conscious of a high social responsibility: We are supporting our region with a multitude of measures. We want social and ecological systems that are intact. Besides, we want our staff to feel happy – and to be proud of working with us.


As a member of the Melitta Group we orientate ourselves to the general sustainability agenda. For details of the sustainability commitment of the Group click here.


Certified cellulose and renewable fibres

Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier GmbH has been offering FSC®-certified products since 2017. In doing so we contribute to a sustainable and environmentally compatible forest management. As the certification includes all the suppliers, we can also exert influence on the sustainability of our suppliers.


FSC®-Mix stands for products which are made with a mix of materials from FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials and/or FSC®-controlled wood. Controlled wood mitigates the risk of the material originating from unacceptable sources and takes central social and ecological aspects into account.

In the medium range we strive for processing cellulose and other renewable raw materials in a climate neutral way.

Synthetic material of the future

Our specialty papers sometimes contains synthetic material or polyester fibres. In the coming years we want to expand steadily the proportion of recycled synthetic material in our products.

In the medium range our aim is the synthetic material of the future: It is produced using recycled and/or sustainable renewable raw materials in a climate- and resource-friendly manner.

Ecological nonwovens and specialty papers

Even today we offer our customers our ecological nonwovens and specialty papers that fulfill high requirements of sustainability: They are free of synthetic material and are made from re-newable and compostable raw material.


For our nonwoven wallpapers we have got a certification in accordance with Öko-Tex® Standard 100, which is the worldwide best-known label for textiles that have been examined for harmful substances. In that process our nonwoven wallpapers were examined for no less than 100 harmful substances, optical colour brighteners and a number of other ecologically questionable factors.


Careful treatment of resources

The production of nonwovens and specialty papers makes use of a large quantity of water and energy. Therefore, for many years we have always endeavoured to produce our goods as carefully as possible with respect to the resources. Our energy management has been certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

We have been able to achieve considerable progress by the use of efficient plants to reduce our ecological footprint. We will make use of the possibilities that will ensue from technological and organizational further developments. In addition, we will make greater use of renewable energies.


Besides, we see an important leverage in the training and the commitment of our staff. Therefore, we reward concrete ideas and suggestions for improvement within the framework of our company suggestion possibilities with regard to reduction of water and energy.

Climate Neutrality

As a member of the Melitta Group the following aims are valid for us as well as for all the members:


  • By 2025 we will achieve climate neutrality with all the emissions that are caused by the Melitta Group itself, for example, by burning fossil energy sources (Scope 1) as well as with all the emissions that are caused by energy bought by the Melitta Group, for example electricity (Scope 2).
  • By 2030 we will achieve climate neutrality with all the emissions that are caused by transports brought about immediately by us or by those that are engaged by us as well as by mobility mentioned in Scope 3.
  • By 2045 we will achieve climate neutrality with all the emissions caused by acquired preliminary work as well as by services carried out by a third party (Scope 3).

At present we are measuring our CO2-footprint in view of our whole plant as well as of the logistics involved. In addition, we are taking an assessment of the CO2-emissions of individual products. The data and facts that we establish in doing so form the basis for reducing the CO2-emissions using suitable measures and for achieving the aims mentioned above.

Our country, our people

We feel united with our location and our region.

We are supporting the local schools, kindergartens and fire brigades as well as the clubs that are important to social life in the fields of sport and culture. In addition, we are playing a part in different activities devoted to the protection of the environment.


In this way we are showing our attachment to our location and our commitment in our area. We want to set a good example – for our staff but also for the people in Neu Kaliß and in the whole of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Looking forward to your feedback!

What are your expectations when it comes to our activities concerning sustainability?
What is important for you? How would you assess our sustainability management?
We are looking forward to your feedback and further suggestions – because this is the only way for us to become even better.